Volunteer With Us

Much of the awesomeness of Roots comes from our amazing volunteers!  We look forward to serving with you!


Good retreats have good admin. If you are interested in running a well-oiled machine and serving behind the scenes, then be an administrative assistant!

Plus: help run the show and hang around the pastors a lot. Minus: help run the show and hang around the pastors a lot.


The praise team helps us sing to God in worship. If you like playing music and could use some exercise carrying equipment, then be a praise team member!

Plus: first in line for meals. Minus: first in line for equipment.

Small Groups

Small groups are where the rubber meets the road. If you are interested in being an older brother or sister to youth students and are willing to spend a lot of time talking with, eating with, praying with and joking with them, then be a small group leader!

Plus: perhaps the most rewarding way to volunteer. Minus: probably also the most draining.


People enjoy pictures and videos. If you like capturing meaningful moments and creating memorable videos, then be a media specialist!

Plus: have fun capturing memories that will last. Minus: be everywhere all the time.