Date: July 29 - August 1, 2019
Venue: Wheaton College

Price: TBA
Registration Deadline: TBA

Guest Speaker: TBA
Theme: TBA

Theology & Approach

We receive the Westminster Confession of Faith and Larger and Shorter Catechisms as accurate summaries of what the Bible teaches. We seek to emphasize covenant theology, dialogical worship that is centered on Jesus Christ, a healthy assurance of salvation through proper use of the means of grace, and an eschatology that hinges on the return of Christ and his coming kingdom in the new heavens and new earth. We strive to offer Reformed Presbyterian theology, piety and practice as an alternative to what broad evangelicalism has to offer to young people today.

What to Expect

Worship services that are scriptural, dialogical, reverent and joyful, friendships and memories that go beyond the local church, about 140 people in attendance, engaging small groups, hearty meal times and yummy snacks, fun games and friendly competition, spacious and air-conditioned sleeping arrangements, seminars for personal growth, late night programming with a bit of a twist, and enough free time to play, chat or even take a good and much needed nap!


Why is the retreat called Roots? Because youth is a great time to put down good roots in Christ - and because it's a cool name!

Can fifth graders or graduating seniors attend Roots? Absolutely! We welcome incoming 6th graders and incoming college freshmen.

How do I register? Should I bring a pillow? Will there be t-shirts? If so, how much are they? For questions like these, check out our registration page.

Chicagoland Churches

Bethel Presbyterian - EM / KM
First Korean Presbyterian - EM / KM
Highland Presbyterian - EM / KM
Immanuel Presbyterian - KM
Vineyard Presbyterian - EM / KM

Missouri Churches

First Korean Presbyterian COL - KM
First Korean Presbyterian STL - KM
Korean Presbyterian STL - EM / KM


Wheaton College


If you are a college student or young adult interested in serving, check out our volunteer page for more information.